Green Home Solutions


Green Home Solutions

Got mold?  Well let me introduce you to our friends at Green Home Solutions.  They specialize in treating MOLD problems using all-natural, organic and safe products that neutralize mold.

Though naturally occurring, mold is something we should NOT be breathing. Once mold becomes visible (tiny greyish/black dots normally) your air quality has already been compromised.

Mold spores can be found behind drywall and even into the floor boards beneath carpeted spaces. The products that Green Home Solutions use includes an enzyme-based solution that finds these spores and latches on to them and neutralizes them within a 24-hour period. The result is a mold free environment for all to enjoy. You could say they are the Mold Busters!

They provide a 90-day warranty on their basic service and up to a 2-year warranty when third party testing is conducted pre and post treatment.

Green Home Solutions was established in 2008, and was founded by scientists and business people who believe that nature contains all the elements necessary to control household problems that negatively affect our lives.

Green Home Solutions is always developing and researching green products that are effective, affordable, responsible, natural, and safe.

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